Fund facts

NAV per share: BGN 2.89 as of 30.09.2022
Fund type: Closed-end REIT investing in land
Fund CEO: Radoslav Manolov
Share capital: BGN 85.11 m / EUR 43.52 m
Number of shares: 85 110 091
Price per share: BGN 3.28 as of January 16, 2023
Market cap: BGN 279.16 m / EUR 142.73 m
Free float: 61.20% as of 31.12.2022
Launch date: April 12, 2005
Stock exchange: Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia
Ticker: 6А6
ISIN: BG1100025052
Currency: Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
Management fee: 0.375% of the value only of the Fund’s investment properties at acquisition cost, paid every quarter
Performance fee: 10% of rent proceeds and sale profit
Managing company: Karoll Finance

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