• Agricultural Land

Advance Terrafund REIT is the largest public company owner of farmland in Bulgaria. The main focus of the company is seeking strong capital appreciation by quick consolidation of the acquired plots. At the same time the Fund is aiming at providing its shareholders with current yield coming from rent and/or sale. Advance Terrafund is not a farmer but only a landowner. To secure the current yield, the company has established long-term relationship with the leading farming companies in Bulgaria;

  • Urban Land

The Fund invests also in land located within the borders or in the vicinity of the cities in Bulgaria. The company's goal is to consolidate and sell these properties to provide current income.

  • Investment Strategy

1. Setting up a land portfolio, where 95% are invested in agricultural land and up to 5% in land in urbanized territories;
2. Establishment of a strong network of agents buying agricultural land exclusively for the Fund;
3. Acquiring farmland in regions with the best soil and climate conditions;
4. Acquiring urban land suitable for industrial and/or commercial real estate development;
5. Quick land consolidation aiming at high capital appreciation;
6. Establishment of long-term relationship with the leading farming companies;
7. Renting out the agricultural land in the Fund’s portfolio;
8. Development of the best equity/debt structure to fulfill the Fund’s investment target and to increase the Fund’s share value;
9. Sell consolidated agricultural and urban land to international and domestic farmers and/or investors;


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