For technical reasons DSK Bank is temporarily unable to pay dividends for 2017




With this public announcement, we would like to inform you that, due to reasons beyond Advance Terrafund REIT, a technical problem occurred in the 2017 dividend payment procedure. through the system of DSK Bank EAD to the shareholders whose securities accounts are on the register A of Central Depository AD (personal accounts).


According to information from DSK Bank EAD, this is a technical problem in their electronic system.


The management of Advance Terrafund REIT immediately reacted to the situation and as a result of the initiated official correspondence with DSK Bank EAD we received an assurance from the bank that the technical problem is being resolved and it should be resolved within a short period of time. which the bank has committed to notify us in a timely manner.


In case of new information and changes in circumstances, the management of Advance Terrafund REIT will announce it again in public.


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