Notice for payment of dividend for 2019


In reference to the decision of the General Assembly of the Shareholders of Advance Terrafund REIT, held on 17.08.2020, regarding the distribution of dividend, the Board of Directors of the Company has set the following terms for payment of dividends for 2019:

  1. Gross dividend per shareBGN 0.140;
  2. Net dividend per share BGN 0.133;
  3. Selected commercial bank for payment of the dividendsDSK BANK;
  4. Date as of which the shareholder composition is determined as per the requirements of the Law on the Public Offering of Securities 31.08.2020;
  5. Manner of dividend payment:
  • 5.1. To shareholders whose securities accounts are located in register A of the Central Depository AD (personal accounts), the dividends will be paid through the branches of DSK BANK;
  • 5.2. To shareholders whose securities accounts are located in register B of Central Depository AD (client sub-accounts with an investment intermediary), the dividend will be paid through the respective investment intermediary with the cooperation of Central Depository AD;

       6. Start date for dividend paymentSeptember 23, 2020;

       7. End date for dividend paymentDecember 23, 2020;

       8. After the expiry of the deadline for dividend payment, within the five-year lapse period each shareholder who has not received the dividend for 2019 will be able to receive it by the Company in cash or through bank transfer after an expressed request thereof at the management address of the Company - 1 Zlatovruh Str., Lozenets, Sofia. Any not received and not requested dividends after the expiry of the five-year lapse period shall be transferred to the Reserve Fund of the Company.

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