How we work?

  • Advance Terrafund has appointed Karoll Finance as a management company under the Act on Special Investment Purpose Companies and on Securitization Companies (ASIPCSC) to operate and maintain the acquired property, the keeping of accounting, the legal services and other records and correspondence;

  • Advance Terrafund has exclusive contracts with four brokers nationwide who purchase, lease or rent lands and sell them on behalf of the company. Thanks to its network of nearly 200 agents in the country, the company has continuously active presence and expertise in the locations in which manages a portfolio of land.  Our brokers are  instructed with the criterias for selection of land for purchase, of tenants and of buyers. Each offer submitted by agents is reviewed carefully by the management of Advance Terrafund and only after approval of the offer is executed by brokers;

  • According to ASIPCSC, the Company's properties are valued by an independent valuer at the end of each financial year and this is reflected in the annual audited financial statements;

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