Our history

  • Advance Terrafund is established by Karroll Group in April 2005. Since its establishment, the company increased its share capital for five times, the last one was in September 2008. As a result the capital raised to BGN 128 521 000;

  • In the beginning the company used to invest capital in agricultural and suburban lands in the ratio 75% : 25%. Due to change of the market situation tthis ratio is is changed to 99% : 1% in favor of farmland. The last non-agricultural property is purchased in May 2008;

  • Over the years the company bought and concentrated 52 580 ha in total of agricultural land in Bulgaria and sold a total of over 35 470 ha;

  • The Company initiated a pilot project for consolidation of land in December 2008 in the village of Katunets, Lovech district. In December 2011 the company launched along with the other members of the Bulgarian Association of Owners of Agricultural Land (BAALO) 5 projects for restructuring of agricultural land, and in January 2013 another 15 projecs for land consolidation were launched from BAALO;


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