Main goals of land consolidation

  • To contribute for the solution of the problem with the fragmentation and the small size of the lands;
  • Farm holdings’ structure improvement, including their expanding;
  • To combine investments for new infrastructure projects and/or rehabilitation of damaged rural infrastructure;
  • Development of competitive agriculture;
  • Natural resources and environment protection in the farming territories;
  • To support the realization of rural development program projects;
  • To stimulate the opportunities for opening of new working places and for improvement the quality of life in the rural areas;
  • To mitigate the negative effect of the global climate changes;

Design of eco-trail and new bridge for small machines, horses and people over Katuneshka river, Katunets village

Fragment of the integrated land consolidation plan of the town of Smiadovo, recreation zone

Fragment of the integrated consolidation plan of the town of Smiadovo, reconstruction of main rural road and trees planting


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