What is land consolidation?

Land consolidation is the reallocation of parcels with the aim the landowners to obtain larger parcels at one or more places in exchange of their former smaller and fragmented land plots. The word “land consolidation” comes from the Latin “commassatio (grouping). Land consolidation has always been something more than only the simple rearrangement of parcels to remove effects of fragmentation seeking higher agricultural productivity and lower costs. The driving force is the understanding that the agricultural structure improvement is viewed as being identical to maintaining the social viability in rural areas, what is good for the farmers is good for rural areas and for the state. Along with the consolidated parcels in the integrated consolidation project are designed rural road improvements, irrigation, drainage, soil improvement measures and changes to land use. Recently, there is more emphasis on nonagricultural applications for achieving more efficient multiple use of rural space by balancing the interests of agriculture, landscape, recreation, transportation, nature conservation, wetlands protection, protection from flooding, from soil erosion etc.

Land consolidation project in Village of Drumevo, District Shoumen


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